3 hours rent costs€12

Book and inspect the car, then choose this rate. This amount will be charged to your card immediately. Upon expiration of the prepaid time, the rent automatically switches to the standard per-minute rate. Always finish your rent through the app — make sure you see the final price screen!

Each kilometer of your rent additionally costs €0,29 for fuel and service

Your card will be charged at the start, every €20, and at the end of your rent. When your rent ends you will receive your rent receipt via email.

More questions?

Do I need internet connection to use the cars?
Yes, the internet connection is needed. In particular, your smartphone must be connected to the internet at the moment when the rent is started or finished, and the doors are locked and unlocked. No internet is needed while driving or parking.

Some of our cars have keys which you may use to lock and unlock the doors. But you will still need internet to start or finish the rent. Don't forget to leave the key in the glove box when you finish.

Some of our clients use wifi in nearby cafes or hotels to lock/unlock and start/finish. It is not very convenient, however.

We recommend a local sim-card available at all convenience stores. It usually costs €2 plus say €10 for 1,500 mb of traffic which is plenty for simply staying connected. Our RideNow app needs 30-50 mb to download and a few mb for use.
Where can I drive? Where do I leave the car?
You may drive anywhere on the island of Cyprus, except the occupied territories (so called "Northern" Cyprus). It is prohibited to leave paved roads, please no off-roading.

You must return the car to Home Area (Limassol and Paphos) and park on any free public parking spot convenient for you. You may start in one city and finish in another — no problem. But it is not possible to finish a rent outside the Home Area. The precise boundary is shown in the app.
Can i leave or pick up cars at airports?
How to end your rental at the airport

Finishing your rental at the airport (Larnaca and Paphos) is allowed, for an additional fee of €19.
To end your rental at the airport:
1. Park your car in the parking lot (The parking lots are marked red in the app).
- Larnaka Airport - Long Term Uncovered
- Paphos Airport - P1 Short&Long Term Uncovered
2. Be sure to leave the parking ticket in the cup holder between the seats.
3. Get out of the car and end the rental as usual via the app

How to take a car at the airport

If there is a free car at the airport (unfortunately, we cannot guarantee this):
1. Rent the car as usual through the app
2. Open the door and take the parking ticket from the cup holder between the seats. If there is no ticket in the car, then find the parking employee next to the payment machine and tell him the car number - he will print out a new ticket.
3. Pay for parking at the payment machine using the ticket.
4. Send us a photo of the receipt, we will immediately refund the cost of parking with bonuses to your account. Unfortunately, refund to card or in cash is not possible.

Of course you may go to any airport temporarily, to pick up or drop someone. If you temporarily park at the airport, please don't forget to pay for their parking
Do I need to refuel?
Usually you don't need to refuel, as we refuel the cars ourselves. The cost of fuel is included in our prices. You can see the fuel level of each car in the app before your rent.

If during your ride the fuel level falls below 25% (a quarter of the tank) you need to refuel. Please go to any fuel station, refuel with Regular Unleaded 95 and pay for it.

We will refund the full cost of the refill once you send us the VAT receipt from the fuel station. We DO NOT accept photos of the pump, payment sms or bank/Revolut screenshots, sorry. Stations always provide VAT receipts (it is the law). If there is no cashier you can print out the VAT receipt at the payment machine.

IMPORTANT: No refunds without VAT receipt!

Send the VAT receipt to our support WhatsApp chat +357 99132851 or to info@ridenow.tech and we will promptly refund it to your RideNow bonus account. Refunds to your card or in cash are not possible.

To compensate for your time we will be glad to add €1 extra for refuels of €20 or more, or €2 for refuels to full tank (minimum 40€). Thank you very much!
What if something is wrong during the rent?
Low Fuel
If the fuel lamp lights up please refuel at any gas station. Send the receipt to info@ridenow.tech and we will refund the cost to your bonus account.

App isn't working
can't finish the rent
can't unlock or lock the doors

Check that stick is in P, the car is completely off, all doors are closed. Wait for 30 seconds and try again. If still not working, it is most likely that the car or your smartphone can't connect to the internet. Move to an area with better connection

Flat tire
Stop immediately, do not drive on a flat! Contact us

The car won't start or won't keep running
Don't forget to keep the brake pedal pressed while starting the car.

Some cars automatically turn engine off at traffic lights - this is normal. The engine will start once you press the gas pedal again.

Road Accident
Contact traffic police at 112 and insurance company at +357 77 778 686. Follow their instructions. Contact us at +357 99 132 851

Lost or found items
Contact us

You are responsible for traffic police and parking fines issued during your rent, please pay them immediately

How to contact us
Our hotline +357 99 132 851 works from 8 am to 8 pm. You can message it in Telegram and WhatsApp anytime
How is my card charged? Deposit?
A deposit is usually not required.

Before you book a car please make sure that you have enough money on the card to pay for your rent.

We require a €30 hold only from the clients who did not pay us on time in the past. This amount is held on your card when the car is booked and released once the rent is finished and paid for. The €30 should become available on your account immediately after that.
How do I save even more?
  • Always finish the rent in the app. Don't forget to finish the rent via the app once you are done using the car. Per-hour and per-day rents do not finish automatically - you have to finish them via the app.

  • Green cars are cheaper. The cars which have not been rented for some time are marked green in the app. A special discount applies to them.

  • Finish on a green parking to get a bonus. Finish your rent on a parking marked green in the app (except for the airport) - get a bonus!

  • Invite friends. Invite your friends to register with us using your promo code. Upon their first ride you will receive €3 in RideNow bonuses! The RideNow bonuses may be used to pay for any ride's cost.

  • Facebook and Instagram. Follow our Facebook and Instagram - we will have contests with prizes and tell about additional discounts and promotions!
Additional drivers?
Anyone driving a RideNow car must be registered with us, no exceptions. The insurance and the damage waiver are not valid for non-registered drivers.

Any current RideNow member can drive any car, but the member who started the rent remains responsible for the car.

Additional drivers are free as long as they are registered with RideNow
Any other restrictions?
the driver
Must have the driver's license valid in Cyprus with them
Only a current registered RideNow member may drive

be safe
No drunk driving (use nothing that may adversely impact your ability to drive)
Everyone must use seatbelts
Use proper child seats (one 15 to 36 kilos booster seat is available in every RideNow car)

be nice (to cars)
No towing
No races, sports events, driving lessons
No vandalism, abuse, or negligence to cars
No exchanging or taking away of parts or fluids

be fair
Private use only
No commercial use
No use for hire, rent, transport or taxi services
No use in unlawful activity

be clean
No smoking in cars!
Take your trash with you
Pets in carriers only