Terms & Conditions

This version is effective from 9 July 2021
Register your account
To rent a car from Ride Now you must register first. You will need:

  • a smartphone
  • a driver's license category B, valid for driving in Cyprus (may be non-Cypriot)
  • a valid passport or another government-issued ID
  • a valid payment card in your name (VISA or Mastercard, credit or debit). We do not accept cash
There are no age restrictions to register, but some cars may be available only to drivers not younger than 25.

Download the Ride Now app (search for "RideNow" or "RideNow Cyprus" on AppStore or Google Play) and follow the instructions to submit your documents. It should take less than 10 minutes.

Once you submit your documents through the app, we will need some time to validate them. During business hours it should take less than an hour, at other times - less than a day. We will let you know once this is done.

We reserve the right to refuse to register you as a Member at our sole discretion if the submitted documents or photos are not clear, valid, and legible, or otherwise not satisfactory, if we get negative information during your KYC check, if we suspect that you registration is fraudulent, or for any other reason at our sole discretion.

To keep your account active you must keep your information with us current. If any of the submitted documents expire or are replaced, please submit updated document or details through the app before renting, or contact us at info@ridenow.tech.

Start your rent
Ride Now cars are parked all over the Home Territory (Limassol and Paphos). The easiest way to find one is to check the map in your Ride Now app. If you found a Ride Now car simply parked on a street, check through the app whether it is available for rent at the moment.

Click on the car then "Book" in your Ride Now app.

Now you have 20 free minutes to walk to your car. If you need additional time there will be a small charge per minute (see Prices). If you changed your mind, please cancel the booking immediately to avoid unnecessary charges.

Once you are next to the car, click "Unlock" in your Ride Now app. The doors will unlock, and you will have 5 free minutes to check-up the car, inside and outside. The app will show you the known problems with the car, if any.

Please check-up the car carefully and submit any unknown problems via the app so that we know it happened before your rent. You may be held liable for any new damage to the car unless you let us know before you start the rent.

And you are ready to go! As soon as you choose whether you rent by hour or by day (see Prices) in the app, you can start the engine and enjoy your ride!

You must have your category B driver's license valid in Cyprus with you. Please observe all rules of the road.

Other driver may drive the car only if she or he is registered with RideNow. In any case you (Ride Now account owner/Member from whose account the car has been rented) are always responsible for the car.

Note: compliance may be enforced using camera in the car. No sound is ever recorded by the cameras
Driving Territory
Drive anywhere on the island (Driving Area), except:

  • No driving on unpaved roads
  • No driving in occupied territories (so called Northern or "Turkish" Cyprus)
Note: compliance may be enforced using navigation equipment in the car

While driving…
be safe

  • No drunk driving (use nothing that may adversely impact your ability to drive)
  • Everyone must use seatbelts
  • Use proper child seats (one 15 to 36 kilos booster seat is available in every RideNow car)
be nice (to cars)

  • No towing
  • No races, sports events, driving lessons
  • No vandalism, abuse, or negligence to cars
  • No exchanging or taking away of parts or fluids
be fair

  • No commercial use
  • No use for hire, rent, transport or taxi services
  • No use in unlawful activity
be clean

  • No smoking
  • Throw away your trash
  • Pets in carriers only
Temporary Parking
During your rent you can temporarily leave your car anywhere in the Driving Territory. Please lock the doors via the app.

Doors will not lock if your car or your smartphone have no internet, for example on an underground parking. Please park outside instead.

You may temporarily park on a paid parking. Don't forget to lock the doors and to pay.

Finishing Your Rent
To finish your rent you must bring the car back to Home Area (currently central Limassol and Paphos). The Home Area is marked in the Ride Now app.

Please don't finish your rent on a paid parking. If you do, we will have to charge you the remaining parking fee plus a processing fee.

  • Choose a place in Home Area where parking is legal and free
  • Transmission to P, windows up, ignition off, lights off
  • Make sure you are not forgetting your items (and your trash)
  • Leave the car, close all doors and finish the rent via the app
You remain responsible for the car and for the rent charges until the Ride Now app confirms to you that your rent is finished.

If the app does not confirm the rent finish, make sure both the car and your smartphone have internet connection. If this doesn't help contact our hotline at +357 99 132 851.
Low Fuel: If the fuel lamp turns on please refuel at any gas station. Send us the receipt at info@ridenow.tech, we will reimburse the cost to you in RideNow credits. Thank you!

Flat tire: Stop immediately, do not drive on a flat! Contact us

Dead battery, car won't start or won't keep going: Contact us

Road Accident: Contact traffic police at 112 and insurance company at +357 77 778 686. Follow their instructions. Contact us. Please remain at the scene until all formalities are finished or our representative arrives. You must cooperate to ensure that the insurance is effective and the losses are kept to a minimum

App not working, can't finish the rent, can't unlock or lock the doors: Check that stick is in P, the car is completely off, lights are off, all doors are closed. Wait a little and try again. Most likely the car or your smartphone can't connect to the internet. Move to an area with better connection. If this doesn't help, contact us

Lost items: If the car is still around, book it and check for the lost item yourself. If not, contact us, we will try to help. Please understand however that the cars are in public use, and neither we nor other members are responsible for your lost items. We contact other members about your lost items in exceptional circumstances only.

Fines: You are responsible for traffic police and parking fines issued during your rent, please pay them promptly. If unpaid and sent to us, we will immediately settle it on your behalf and charge you a processing fee.
Insurance (TPL, CDW) and Deposit
Third party liability insurance (TPL). TPL is included in all rides to the extent required by Cypriot law. TPL does not cover driving (1) drunk or under influence, and (2) driving in the occupied territories. You will be fully responsible for the third party liability damages in these situations

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW). You (the member from whose account the rent has been started) are responsible for the damage to the RideNow car caused by you or another driver.

Under the CDW this liability is limited to €449. If the damage is less than the said amount you must reimburse it in its entirety. If the damage is more than the said amount, you pay €449 only. It may be possible to lower this limit by buying additional protection via the app.

CDW does not cover (1) driving drunk or under influence, (2) driving in the occupied territories, (3) diving on unpaved roads, (4) accidents not immediately reported to us by the client or the driver, (5) the driver leaving the place of the accident before insurance, police and our representative no longer require her or his presence or otherwise not cooperating in investigating and documenting the accident, and/or (6) the driver not immediately taking a sobriety test if requested by us. You will be fully responsible (without limits) for the damage to RideNow car in these circumstances.

Deposit. We currently do not require a deposit, except from the Members who hasn't paid us in a timely manner in the past. We also expressly reserve the right to require deposits from any or all Members at any time at our sole discretion.
RideNow Credits
You may earn RideNow Credits by inviting friends to RideNow, promoting RideNow on social media, refuelling the cars, and in certain other ways. You can pay with the Credits for any RideNow service, rent, fee, fine and any other charge, payable to RideNow. At any time and at our sole discretion we may restrict payment by Credits only to a certain part of a ride's cost or another payment. The Credits have no monetary value and can not be paid to municipality, traffic police, or any third party. The Credits can not be withdrawn from your account in cash, to your card, or by bank transfer. The Credits may expire if you do not use RideNow for two years or more, or if your account is terminated for any reason