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  • Cyprus
    Where can I go?
    Drive Cyprus! You may drive anywhere on the island of Cyprus, except the occupied territories (so called "Northern" Cyprus). On country, unpaved roads, you can drive no more than 2 km.
  • Home zone
    Where can I park
    the car?
    You must return the car to Home Area (Limassol and Paphos). The precise boundary is shown in the app.
  • Convenient free parking
    free parking
    Finish your rent on any free legal parking spot within the Home Area. Most convenient parkings are marked in the app. Please note that it is not allowed to complete the rental in the underground and private car parks!
  • Green parking areas
    parking areas
    Finish your rent here and get €1 on your bonus account (except if you started on the same parking, and except for the airport)

How to start using?

The price of a trip always consists of time and kilometers.
The price depends on how far you will drive

The prices shown are for regular Nissan Notes,
prices for other models (March, Note Hybrid*) are different.
Please check price in the app

*Available 06:00 - 00:00

  • Fuel is included in price of kilometres
  • Drivers younger than 25 pay additional premium of €0,01 per minute + €0,05 per km
  • You can include additional protection CDW+ Protection. Your limit of liability for possible damage to the car can be reduced to €99 (usually €1,500). The cost of rates increases. See the final price in the app before booking.
  • The price may be higher for clients who did not have enough money on the card to pay for previous rides in time.
Don't forget to finish the rent in the app. Minutes and kilometres after the prepaid time (if any) are charged at the regular per-minute price. No mileage limit. Fuel is included.

Examples of travel costs

For example, if you are in Limassol:

Green means discounts

Green means discounts

Green cars*
Up to 2 hours for free!
Book a green car, choose a per-minute rate and do not pay for 1 hour in rental mode and 1 hour in parking mode
06:00 - 00:00
Green parking areas
Finish your rent here and get €1 on your bonus account (except if you started on the same parking, and except for the airport)
Favorable refueling
If you refuel for €20 or more when there is less than 25% fuel left you get €1 thank you bonus
* Minute rate start fee is €0. Mileage is €0.27 per kilometer, drivers younger than 25 pay additional insurance fee of €0.05 per kilometer

Invite friends

Every new driver with your invite code receives €3 in RideNow bonuses. You get €3 in RideNow bonuses for every new driver, once she or he completes their first ride.

Invite friends

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