How payments work

You must pay for the rides immediately, we do not provide credit

Charging your card

Our system charges your card:

  • at the beginning of the ride
  • during the ride every €20 (every 80km or so you drive), and
  • remaining balance at the end of your ride
Please make sure that your card has money and is working at all times. The car may stop or lock itself at any time if a payment is not successful

Please check after your ride that your account balance is zero or positive

Minimum payment is €1. If less than €1 is due, the system charges you €1 and puts the change on your bonus account


Deposit is usually not required. A deposit of €30 is held on your card before every ride if you are younger than 20 or have not paid us on time in the past (see below)


Non-payment within 24 hours results in a fine of €5 (once)

A large debt (over €20) or many non-payments result in
  • a deposit of €30 required before every future ride, and
  • the future rides being more expensive

The deposit may be lifted if you pay on time for 30 days

After 30 days of non-payment your account will be suspended. Re-activation fee is €25

Thank you for paying on time, and enjoy your rides!

Please contact support at +35799132851 via WhatsApp message or phone call if you have any questions or issues