Fuel Costs Included.
Check the fuel level using the app.

Fuel Costs

Fuel Check & Refueling Time

Before driving and before ending your rental, check the fuel level in the RideNow app. Head to a refueling station if the fuel level drops below 25% (4 out of 16 lights or less).

Where to refuel?

Only refuel at Petrolina or Eni stations.

How to Refuel?

1. Refuel only at Petrolina or Eni stations. Look for the Autofuel pump, identifiable by the red-yellow sign and a large plastic box next to the fuel nozzle.
2. Upon arrival, inform the attendant through your window that you are using Autofuel. The attendant will take care
of everything, allowing you to stay inside the car.
3. If there is no attendant, refuel by yourself: insert the Autofuel nozzle into the tank and press the handle. Since the cost of fuel is included in our prices, no payment is necessary.
Get a €3 bonus for every Autofuel refuelling of €30 or more.

Autofuel bonuses

*The bonus is automatically credited to your account, usually within 24 hours.


Earn a €3 bonus for qualifying refuels, automatically applied within 24 hours.
A €10 fine is applied if the rent is finished with 10% fuel or less (low fuel light is on).
Attendant Service
Ask for assistance; no exiting the car or payment is required.
Press the handle just once and hold. If you press and release 3 times, the column locks.
DIY Refueling
Refueling is limited to Petrolina or Eni using Autofuel.
Authorized Stations
Watch your fuel level!
All cars need fuel!
Fuel Monitoring