Prices and fines

*This version is effective as of February 9, 2024

How payments work

*You must pay for the rides immediately, we do not provide credit.

Charging your card

Our system charges your card:

  • at the beginning of the ride
  • during the ride every €20
  • remaining balance at the end of your ride

Please make sure that your card has money and is working at all times. The car may stop or lock itself at any time if a payment is not successful.

Please check after your ride that your RideNow account balance is zero or positive.


Deposit is usually not required. A deposit of €100 is held on your card before every ride if you are younger than 21 or have not paid us on time in the past (see below).


*Non-payment within 24 hours results in a fine of €5 (once)

A large debt (over €20) or many non-payments result in:

  • a deposit of €100 required before every future ride, and
  • the future rides being more expensive

The deposit may be lifted if you pay on time for 30 days

After 30 days of non-payment your account will be suspended. Re-activation fee is €25

How prices work

The cost of a trip is always made up of time and kilometers. You can choose a short trip, a trip of a few hours or a whole day. Please check price in the app.

Booking time of 20 minutes is free, up to 2 times in a row. Further bookings are charged at the per-minute rate. Available 06:00 - 00:00.

Carsharing per minute

You have to pay:

1. Start rate, plus
2. Per minute rate, plus
3. Per kilometre rate

Applicable prices are shown in the app, and are subject to change without notice.

  • Fuel included, no need to refuel
  • VAT, TPL and CDW Basic Protection are also included
  • Prices for drivers younger than 25 pay are higher due to insurance


*Prices for packages include certain number of minutes (hours, days)

You have to pay:

1. Price of the package, plus
2. Per kilometre rate (for extra kilometers)

If you do not finish the rent via the app prior to the expiration of the prepaid time, regular per minute rate starts to apply.

Applicable prices are shown in the app, and are subject to change without notice.

  • Fuel included, no need to refuel
  • VAT, TPL and CDW Basic Protection are also included
  • Prices for drivers younger than 25 pay are higher due to insurance

Drivers younger than 25

  • Drivers under the age of 25 must pay an additional premium for CDW/CDW+ protection.
  • Some cars are not available to drivers younger than 25.
  • €100 deposit before each ride is required from every driver younger than 21.

Optional Services

  • Booking the car before the rent starts for more than 20 (free) minutes (*the relevant per-minute parking rate applies.)
  • Airport Car Drop-Off (Paphos and Larnaca) €10
  • Airport Car Drop-Off (Park2Fly Larnaca) €10
  • Agia Napa Summer Parking Drop-Off €10

Late Payment Fines

No money on card

*the car may stop at any moment

Late payment

Insufficient balance on your payment card to settle a debt for more than 24 hours:

  • €5 one-time fine
  • €100 deposit for future rides
  • price of future rides (minutes and packages) increases by 50%

After 30 days of non-payment the account is suspended
*Re-activation fee is €25

Dirty Car Fines

*Car must be left reasonlably clean for the next client, all garbage removed.


*Smoking or vaping in car, heavy soiling.

€100 fine / dry cleaning fee

Dirty interior

*Salt or sand on seats, spills, wet seats, children feet marks, pets hair, etc.

€25 fine

Garbage left
*Paper cups, bottles, tissues, masks, packaging, etc.

€10 fine

Finishing Rent Fines

The rent must be finished within the Home Area on a free, public parking, accessible for the next client. It is forbidden to complete the rental in underground and roofed parking lots, because in these places there is poor GPS reception and other customers will have difficulty finding the car.

Finishing the rent on a paid parking
parking fee + €10 processing fee

Finishing the rent on a private parking unaccessible to public
€10 relocation fee

Leaving car on shop's parking, private parking, or blocking other car, roadway or house
€10 relocation fee if we are requested to move the car

Car left outside the Home Area
€30 fine plus €1 for each kilometre away from the Home Area

Window left open

€10 fine

Other Fines and Fees

Not informing us about accident or damage during your rent
*including small
€25 fine

Unauthorised driver
*car driven by anyone other than the account owner, or missing or wrong selfie
€100 fine to account owner

Drunk or 'under influence' driving
*including accidents, car taken to police for any reason, opened alcohol or substances left in car
€100 fine

Driving on unpaved roads
€10 fine plus €1 per kilometre
*plus any damage to paint and suspension

Driving in occupied territories
*"northern" Cyprus
€50 fine plus €3 per kilometre

Road Assistance in Cases of Client's Fault
* may be not available, especially out of working hours
out of fuel, stuck in mud, tires damaged off road, accident at the client's fault, etc.
minimum €30, up to hundreds (our actual cost) if car evacuation is required

Municipality, parking or police fine
*amount of the fine to be paid to government/municipality

plus €10 processing fee

Thank you for paying on time, and enjoy your rides!

Please contact support at +35799132851 via WhatsApp message or phone call if you have any questions or issues.