Insurance & Liability
When a RideNow vehicle is rented from your account you are personally liable for the car throughout the rental period. This means that any damages, traffic violations, or other liabilities incurred during the time the vehicle is under your care are your responsibility.

By default, your every rental is covered by RideNow's Basic Protection. This insurance limits your financial liability to €1,500 in case of RideNow vehicle damage, offering a layer of security for your carsharing experience.

All rates include only basic insurance - CDW (Basic Protection). Under CDW your liability for possible damage to RideNow car is limited to €1,500.

You can purchase the extended cover CDW+ Protection - your liability for possible damage to the car will be limited to €99 only.

To purchase CDW+ Protection click the shield button (left side of the map in the app). Buying CDW+ Protection does not increase the cost of the mileage, only the cost of minutes and the cost of a prepaid packages.
Do not give your account to anyone!
As the account holder, you are responsible that only you drive the car.

Do not let others use your account - you are responsible for their actions without limits!

Do not give others the authorisation code or log into your account on their phone!

Do not let others create account using your documents and selfie - you will be responsible for their actions without limits